An afternoon at Play Club


At Play Club children are invited to play freely and explore new materials.

We start every afternoon with snack and circle time. During circle time, the kids set group agreements for the space, and we talk chat a bit about their days and what they would like to play with that day.

Our snacks are always healthy and sugar-free.

Repurposed materials and loose part play

Repurposed materials and loose parts are simple everyday materials that have had a previous life as something else. At Play Club we have tons of cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, plastic bottles, crayons, fabric samples, old electronics and toys and much more.

Children often see creative potential in these materials that adults look over. Using tape, string, glue sticks, stickers, and kid-safe scissors, they put stuff together or take it apart as they wish. The loose parts on hand include not only these open-ended physical materials, but also music, gravity, words, and ideas.  

Workshop station

At the workshop station we have lots of different materials and the opportunity to:

  • Knit, weave, and sew

  • Paint and draw with acrylic paint, pastels, and pencils on all kinds of materials

  • Do light and shadow experiments

  • Work with clay 

  • Do origami

  • Make prototypes (during one of our winter sessions the kids created a bunch of objects using repurposed materials and tested out which could float and which sank)

Adults at Play Club

Play Club is a space for and by kids. The adults in the group will not instruct the children how to play. We do not interrupt, offer unsolicited advice and suggestions, or break the flow of play. But if the kids are unfamiliar with certain materials or need support to get the play and exploration going, the adults will model play and techniques for them.