What Families Say

"Our son has said that his favorite day of the week is 'play club day.' He loved going every week and always came home with excitement. Mari and Camilla are kind, respectful, and genuinely committed to the work they do. They offer an amazing space that makes kids feel free to express, explore, build and play!" 

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"Our daughter had a great experience at Play Club! She loved it. She says, 'It's really fun and there's a lot of materials for you to make stuff!' There was lots of free play and kid-led creating and making things with helpful and safe guidance from Mari and Camilla. The photos that they've shared show the kids inventing, creating and making messes with seemingly unlimited raw materials! Mari and Camilla treat the kids with kindness and respect and encourage their autonomy. Great environment."

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"Our daughter comes back from Play Club each week with plenty of stories to tell, already looking forward to the next class, thinking and talking of new projects she wants to try out there. The open-ended environment and the fantastical variety of materials that the club provides enable our kid to explore her creativity in free, collaborative, and organic ways."